Monday, 9 December 2013

Annual Sports Meet

 The  Pre- Primary Annual Sports Meet was held on 28th November 2013 at the lush green NISV grounds  with a lot of enthusiasm and fervor.
Sports Day is a platform to showcase the talent and efforts put in by the little children.Sports at Pre-Primary level is not about competition. It is about having fun, being physically active, learning the basics of sports and building co-ordination and motor skills.
Fantastic colorful drills put forth by Nursery, Prep Junior & Prep Senior, displayed student's ability and coordination skills.Students participated in a number of innovative races that gave the little ones an opportunity to display their self-confidence, patience, zeal and sportsmanship. The event came to a close with parents participating in the four corners game followed by the Prize Distribution .

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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Navratri & Dussehra

Navratri was celebrated with great joy and vigour at the Pre- Primary section on 11th October. The little ones looked adorable in the traditional garba costume. We began the celebration with the aarti of goddess ambe mata . Children danced along with their teachers to the beats of popular garba songs. After playing garba, students learnt about the significance of navratri and dussehra. At school they savoured the traditional fafda & jalebi.


Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Amazing Life Under Water- World Animal day

World Animal Day was celebrated for a week by the Pre- Primary students. This year our theme was “The Amazing life under water”. All the students from nursery, Prep Junior & Prep Senior , participated in this celebration . Students were shown amazing videos of some beautiful and rare creatures under water. The Prep senior students presented some facts about sharks, rays, whales, dolphins and some poisonous creatures under the sea. The nursery and Prep junior students sang rhymes about water creatures and also performed a beautiful dance. A story about “ The lonely turtle” was dramatized by the Prep Junior students. This celebration concluded with a wonderful song “ Save the life under water” presented by the students of Prep Senior who synchronized the song so beautifully and conveyed the message to all who were present. 

    Itinerary   for  The World Animal Day Celebration ( 3rd October -10th October)
                                                                           Pre- Primary Section
Amazing Life Underwater
3rd October :   Art Activities ( Nursery, Prep junior & Prep Senior)

4th October :   Video on  “Life underwater”
                          A Puppet Show on the story   “ The Rainbow  Fish”

7th October :  A Fashion show on sea creatures –Nursery A
                         Rhyme Presentation – Nursery A
                        Some interesting facts about Sharks & Rays- Prep Senior A

8th October : Rhyme Presentation – Prep Junior
                         Some facts about Whales & Dolphins- Prep senior B

9th October : Rhyme Presentation – Nursery B
                       Dance : Prep Junior
                       Some facts about Poisonous animals underwater- Prep senior C

10th October : Rhyme Presentation – Nursery c
                         Story dramatization “The lonely turtle” –Prep Junior
                        Song Presentation   “Lets save the life underwater”- Prep Senior

Friday, 20 September 2013

Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration

The auspicious festival " Ganesh Chaturthi" was celebrated at the Pre- Primary section with great joy and devotion. The idol of Lord Ganesh was made with clay in school and it was kept for 5 days. Aarti was performed everyday and Prashad was distributed to all the students . The little ones enjoyed listening to the Ganesh Aarti and singing it as well. Children recited shloks and also enjoyed listening to stories about little Ganesh. Students visited the lakshmi Villas Palace for Ganesh Darshan and enjoyed this trip thoroughly. The 5 day long festivity came to an end with the immersion of the idol and the students saying slogans like " Ek Do Teen Chaar, Ganpati ka Jai Jai Kaar", " Ganpati Bappa Moriya".

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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Janmashtami Celebration at Pre-Primary

On the Occasion of Janmashtami ,the Pre- Primary section celebrated the festival with lot of enthusiasm.The little ones of Prep senior enacted childhood scenes of Lord Krishna and performed the traditional matki phod. The teachers along with the kids sang the aarti and prashad was distributed to one and all. The significance of the festival was explained to the students and children saw a video on little Krishna which they thoroughly enjoyed.

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